Are you ready to get into your skinny jeans? Boots is here to break it down for you.

life is too short.jpgYour Coffee Connoisseur and Boots Authority, Boots the Badass Coffee Babe here . . . just sitting and watching the dragonflies trace a glittery pattern across the blue September sky.  And in between dragonfly sightings, I am thinking about my next new pair of boots and dreaming about the perfect-fitting pair of jeans for winter.  I am here to say that the weather is definitely changing and so, by turn, shall my seasonal wardrobe.  After all, winter is coming, and it’s time to replace these cute and kicky, summery mini-skirts for some badass jeans.

While shopping for a fancy new pair of boots a few days ago, I overheard two women talking.  You could tell they were long-time friends, judging by the critique and counsel that they were dishing out to each other: You already have two pairs of those in your closet.  Why do you want a third pair? . . . Those make your feet look too long . . . Your calves are going to split the seams of those boots.  They’re too narrow.  It was a brutal, but honest, exchange that was a testimony to how long these two had been friends or sisters.  My bet was on sisters.

Honesty is a good friend when we most need it and . . . well, there was no lack of it between these two.  I have to confess to a certain enjoyment of their banter.  Like there was an agreement that there were to be no holds barred during this shopping venture.   After all, there are times when we just can’t see our own fashion blunders and we need the fashion police to intervene on our behalf.

The one woman was on a roll and was saying that the #1 reason women love buying shoes and handbags so much is that shoes and handbags always fit.  It’s so easy to gain that five pounds from snacking your way through those late night binge watching sessions of The Blacklist . . . or that ten pounds from that trip through Italy . . . or that 15 pounds from not going to your spinning class for three months.  In short, all of these activities cost you big time in the weight department when it comes to getting on the scale.  Even I, Boots the Badass Coffee Babe and Wrangler Par Excellence, pack on a few pounds when I tuck myself into the cabin alongside the cookstove with a good book for the winter.  In short: weight happens.  And the beauty of shoes and handbags?  They will remain loyal and fit no matter what your weight status happens to be.

I agree with these two salty shoppers that shoes, boots, and handbags are our friends.  But I am also thinking that the two legs of our pair of jeans are our in-home equivalent of these Two Honest Sisters.  Our jeans just don’t lie.  They fit or they don’t.  What was once a pair of our Skinny Jeans could possibly now be our Impossible Dream Jeans.  It saddens us when our beloved jeans get bumped into a new category.  The truth hits hard when we opt for those expensive yoga pants, rather than slipping into that cute pair of Levi’s.  Case closed.  We’re busted.

I think we all have our different categories for jeans.  Here are my top ten categories . . . and believe me, I have at least one pair for every category:

  1. Baggy, Uni-sex Pants: expensive yoga pants, jeggings, leggings, cute pajama bottoms
  2. Cut Your Losses & Donate
  3. Dream the Impossible Dream 
  4. The Beauty of Spanx
  5. Not Quite Yet
  6. Getting closer.
  7. Ugly but Wearable Options
  8. Almost There — just mildly uncomfortable
  9. Feeling Pretty Sassy
  10. Happiness is Skinny Jeans
  • Do you relate to any of these categories?
  • What are some of your categories that aren’t on this list?
  • Could you use some encouragement in the Jeans Department?  Winter cometh and I think we could all use a little help.

Well, Boots is here to help with encouragement.  If you would like to receive affirmations, tips, recipes, and advice via email, just subscribe below to the Jeans Cupboard.

Join the fun!  It’s not about stressing.  It’s about feeling good inside of your own skin . . . not the denim.  In the comments section of these posts, share with us what is and isn’t working for you to jump to a different category of jeans.  We all could use some encouraging words, right?



life is too short.jpg