The Mud Porch

Welcome to The Mud Porch.  This is a place where you can happify daily.  A place where you can find inspiring, uplifting, happifying images, videos, quotes, and stories.  A place where you can come sit for a spell and leave your feelings of stress, worry, and overwhelm hanging on the wooden pegs in The Mud Porch.  And take a moment to forget about them.  And then leave them hanging here when you are ready to hit the trail.

And don’t think twice about leaving them here.  The Kindly Coffee Fairies arrive each morning and happily whisk them away before they commence to roasting and brewing up their daily magical concoction of caffeinated delight.  The Mud Porch is special that way.  You leave lighter than when you arrived.

So take some time to uplift.  And happify.  Daily.  Life is good.  It really is.  Some days it feels like your only option is to dig down deep to find any light.  Worries have a way of reminding you of life’s vulnerable nature.  The drag of routine prevents you from seeing the many blessings that carried you to where you are today.  Try stopping in at The Mud Porch for a flash of laughter and happiness, appreciation and inspiration.  The latch string’s always out for you.

above all else quoteAbove all else . . .

Be.  Happy.

Open your heart.

Uplift someone else’s spirits.

Share over coffee.

Err on the side of kindness.

Choose beautiful.

Be yourself.

Happify daily.

Life is short. Stay awake for it.