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latch string is always outCabin Door Coffee is your all-things-coffee place.  It is your primitive, yet comfy, online abode where you can plaintalk  coffee and learn coffee!  Fundamentals, brewing, gear, stories, travel, advice, recipes, journaling, shopping . . . So many great and lovely things!

soul in a cup. b7874c3d97d1c3916be8c08d1b901fc4Coffee is far more than a beverage.  It speaks to the soul.  I know people who, when they go to bed at night, are already looking forward to their morning coffee.  I know others who view their cup of coffee in the morning as something sacred.  They see it as a way to set their inner self in motion – all over a steaming cup of elegant brew that kick-starts their path of mindfulness into motion for the day.

coffee-ritual-beth-kirby-rebekka-seale-steller-outWhy is coffee so special to us?  There is more to coffee than the caffeine buzz/jolt that the beans unerringly and predictably bequeath to us each day.  There is also the Ritual Element attached to this morning pleasure – providing a sense of comfort.  When our beloved rituals are intact, the world is a rosy and benevolent place.  And it feels good to feel right with the World.

So take some time to learn about coffee and shop for some new gear.  Peruse all of the fun goodies that will enhance and enlighten your coffee experience.  And join in and share your stories.  Life is meant to be fun.  Enliven your coffee ritual by connecting with others.  Simply put, your story is interesting!

50 ford 2f667ce302152c2ff3ed4b58b70528a9And do consult Cabin Door’s Resident Expert on all things coffee: Boots the Badass Coffee Babe.   She knows her Joe and she is as badass as a ’50 Ford truck on a cold December morning in the Dakotas.  Boots might be a little cranky before her first cup of the day, but once she has been clutch-started with her daily Joe, she is good to go with advice galore for miles and miles down that flat stretch of road ahead.

quote coffee first blogExample: Take the current craze of the First Coffee Date and its demanding Coffee Etiquette.  Who would have ever thought that coffee would become the modern-day love connection?  You can learn a LOT about someone by observing their Coffee Etiquette.

And Boots is here to tell you how to navigate this potentially-thorny first date.  Boots will give you FREE advice on the dos and the donts for that tricky and butterfly-inducing first date.  She will tell you how to ace the first date and then what to talk about on your second date – in order to clinch a 3rd date (which, by this time, should be moving on to a real-live dinner date).  How’s that for simply amazing?  Click on the Just ask Boots! menu tab and ask your questions about coffee, beans, roasting & brewing methods, paraphernalia, camping, hiking & glamping, coffee dating . . . She’ll do her best to hunt down the answer.

fun old boots. il_fullxfull.340673328And then there is the Cabin Door Boot Store.  Boots loves her boots!  Don’t we all?  Who doesn’t love buying a good pair of boots?  Wearing them is fun, too, but Boots likes to think of boot shopping as a portal to our inner self.

The great thing about boots?  There is a style to match everyone!  We can beat brush for snakes in some styles and take a walk on the wild side in others — all while feeling properly stylish for the purpose at hand.  For example, some boots are theoretical and designed to be worn only when going out with the girls (translate: not walking very far and then sitting for the rest of the night) and others are foot-stompin’ functional for dancing the night through until the barkeep is calling it a night.  And Boots knows about boots!  Shop with her and discover all of the fun you will have while hunting for boots in the Boots Store on the main menu!

measured out my life in coffee spoons. proportionCoffeecoffeecoffee.  The most lovely drink of all.  I like the Ethiopian proverb: “Coffee is our bread.”  To us coffee drinkers: our morning Joe is indeed our daily bread.  It is the stuff of champions and the great motivator.  It is the great connecter of the social heart and the inspiration of the writer’s soul.  Coffee’s got our back.  It whispers, You can!

Coffee.  It is poetry in a cup.  Thank you for entering the cabin and joining in.  Your presence is appreciated!

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