Cabin Door Coffee Store



where the coffee is good & the latch string’s always out 

Welcome to Cabin Door Coffee and its Coffee Store!  Cabin Door Coffee is indeed the place where the coffee and the conversation are bound to be good.  But hey!  What’s a latch string anyway?  And what does it mean that the latch string’s always out?

Leaving the latch string out means: You are always welcome. Come by anytime. The latch string is always out. No need to call before you come over. For you, my friends, the latch string’s always out.

From its functional and mechanical perspective, the latch string was, and still is, an ingenious way of locking your cabin door at night, once you were all snugged in for the evening.  With a latch string, no key, no digital pad, and no alarm system need apply.  Your sense of safety was protected by a thin, braided piece of waxed linen or cord that kept the world at bay — simply by pulling the string inside the cabin.     

latch string II

How it worked: A lifting latch-catch system, built of wood,  was attached to the inside of the cabin door. (Check out #194 above.)  A simple string or cord — the lovely latch string — was tied to this ingenious latch-catch contraption.  Depending on if you wanted the door to be locked or unlocked, the latch string could be poked in or out of a small hole in the door.  

To leave the door unlocked, you left the string hanging on the outside of the door.  To lock the door, you pulled the string into the cabin so no one on your front porch could undo the latch-catch.  Security at its simplest and finest.  

The latch string system allowed you to leave your cabin for the day (with the latch string left out for your return — you had to remain mindful of this (!) as some latch catches were soft and they would lock with the gentlest of slams of the cabin door), secure in the knowledge that no wild critters, goofy chickens, or couch-bound dogs could just bust through and push the door open during the day.  Not having opposable thumbs, these critters were unable to tug on the string like us lucky humans and pop the door open. [Although I had a blue heeler once who came precariously close to figuring out the trick.   That was one smart dog.  And I miss her.]

latch string is always outI recall the era of my life when I had a latch string with great fondness.  It indeed was a simpler time of my life in a remote corner of the world when locking the door in my absence during the day wasn’t a concern.  I value the feeling, attitude, and philosophy that this latch-string system imparted to my soul.  And I carry it with me.  

So welcome to Cabin Door Coffee.  That friendly latch string is indeed out to you!  Join in the conversations, learn about coffee, buy some gear and some boots, ask me — Boots the Badass Coffee Babe — a question . . . about coffee, coffee pairings, recipes, boots (!), your love life, your quest for happiness, and just about anything in the category of Life . . . and just have some fun perusing the articles.  I’m super glad that you have entered the cabin!