Just Ask Boots!

old percolatorQuestions about coffee?  Just ask Boots, the Badass Coffee Babe — your resident expert on all things coffee!

Do you want advice on how to brew that perfect cup of coffee?  Or want to know the difference between washed and semi-washed  beans?  Scroll down and fill out the info below and post your questions.  If Boots doesn’t know the answer, she will do her best to find out!  Research is her middle name.

Where is the birthplace of coffee?  Or what do goats have to do with the discovery of coffee?  And what exactly is the difference between arabica coffee and robusta?  And did you know that the coffee “bean” is actually a fruit?  (It’s a cherry!)  There are so many cool things to know about coffee!

Just ask Boots, the Badass Coffee Babe — your premium purveyor of all things coffee!

cowboy-coffeeThis is a contact page where you can post your questions, make a comment, or profess your passion for coffee . . . beans, roasting methods, food pairings, brewing systems, the best coffee/water ratio, crazy-good drink suggestions . . . For example, have you ever tried a lavender white mocha?  Simply delicious.

You can even ask advice on how to best handle that awkward first-date coffee meeting and, if you are a newbie to the coffeehouse, learn how order a beverage like a pro!

So lean back in your chair, put your feet up on your desk, grab your mug of coffee,  and enjoy the stories, the advice, the trivia, and the mysterious and exotic beauty of coffee.

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