Roy Orbison on being a living legend and changing a flat tire


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Boots here and a good day to you from your Badass Coffee Babe.  Roy Orbison has it just right: “I may be a living legend but that sure don’t help when I’ve got to change a flat tire.”

I love Roy’s nod to reality.  We elevate our living legends to such heights  . . . and then realize that they simply are good tire-changing folk just like us.  The kind of people who you invite into your cabin for a cuppa and a sit by the fire to have a good B.S. session.

People are so interesting.  They grab our attention with the stories of their varied lives. Here’s a cheers to the living legends and also to the rest of us extra-ordinary people who know how to change a flat tire and who realize that this is life as it is.

Scroll down and take a listen to some of Roy Orbison’s A Black & White Night.  Life is a singular event.  Make it a Living Legend event by navigating life’s map and changing flat tires as they present.

The Essential Roy Orbison

Orbison, Roy – Three Classic Albums Plus


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