Good boots are like old friends.


Boots, the Badass Coffee Babe, here with my beautiful mug of Morning Fuel on this glorious morning.  And I am thinking that it’s a great day for taking some time to let old friends know that I am thinking of them.  That I appreciate them for who they are and for all of their many kindnesses.

Old friends, like a pair of good boots, are always there to take us to a better place.  When I am feeling down in my cups, it is my friends who take me out for a cup of fancy Joe, some fun dancing, or a stroll in the sunshine.  There’s nothing like an old, comfy friend when you most need a boost. Tell a friend that you appreciate him or her today.  They will love you for it!

Friends Until Old and Senile Then Be New Friends 12 Oz Ceramic Coffee Mug

Best Friend Ever Glass Coffee Mug 13 oz – Unique Christmas Present Idea For Your Best Friend

Mary Square Good Friend Cheaper Therapy Ceramic Coffee Mug Tumbler

Studio Oh! Ceramic Mug, A Good Friend is Hard to Find by Becca Cahan, Multicolor

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