Question:Why use an egg to settle the grounds?

Dearest DharmaOfTheHeart writes to ask:

question and answerHowdy! Do you have a recipe/method for good cowgirl coffee? I made cowgirl coffee when cooking with an old gal named Roma many years ago. She always used an egg to settle the grounds. Any comments?

Thank you for your question, Dharma.  This is just one of those synchronistic things!  I was writing an article on Cowboy Coffee and discussing the notion of adding egghells to the pot . . . and then your question arrived.  You can click on the post: On the Trail: How to Make the Best Cowboy Coffee and get your very answer!  According to the old-timers like Roma and to the scientists, it has something to do with opinion and with alkalinity and acidity.  Check it out.  It’s interesting stuff!


Roma sounds like she was a good egg!  And it sounds like, with a name like Roma, there are even more stories that go along with coffee and eggshells!  Thank you for your great question, Dharma. We appreciate you gracing the cabin with your presence today!

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