Attention all Hikers, Campers & Glampers

cowboy-coffeeGreetings all Hikers, Campers, and Glampers.  It is that time of year when you are planning for your outdoor adventures.  You might be mapping out where you will be pitching your tent or making reservations at your favorite park or thinking of checking out the new glamping trend.  (For you newbies, glamping = glamourous camping.)

With all of these healthy thoughts of natural adventure brewing, is there anything more important than getting your coffee-making gear ready for the first morning you wake up on the trail?  After all, there is nothing quite like that first cup of coffee in the morning in the great outdoors.  Indescribable.  Maybe this is the year to update your camp kitchen and try something entirely new in the way of coffee brewing.

camping quoteIn posts to follow, we will be exploring the different ways to make coffee when you are away from your favorite barista or your fancy home latte machine.  Imagine yourself on that breathtaking ridge . . . taking that first sip of exquisite Joe while absorbing the morning quiet and sunrise.  With so many outdoorsy brewing methods available, there is no reason to not have the same, high-quality brewed awakening in the wild that you enjoy every morning at home.

And if you aren’t exactly the outdoorsy type?  In the posts to follow, you might even learn how you can improve upon the daily brewing methods you employ for your morning Joe.  And who knows?  You might end up giving your latte machine to that sister who has been not-so-secretly coveting it and choose to make cowboy coffee every morning.


Coffee: Happiness Tasted

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Welcome to Cabin Door Coffee!

. . . a place where Coffee is not only enjoyed but is experienced . . . a meeting place where stories are voiced, new brewing methods are tested, recipes are shared, food pairings are explored, beverages are sipped, and brewing paraphernalia is coveted . . . in short, the tradition of coffee and its magical, social, happifying properties are celebrated here at Cabin Door Coffee.

So pull up a chair, join in the dialogue, and have a cuppa.  Please, share your comments, experiences, and stories with the rest of us.

And yes . . . a cup of coffee shared with a friend is indeed happiness tasted.

Take a moment and enjoy a cup of happy.