Here I come to save the day!

Nothing like a little Monday morning inspiration!  Let Coffee save the day!



Think Big Boots & Strong Coffee

boots adventure milneThank you for opening the Cabin Door and putting on your Big Boots.  Let this adventure into the world of coffee begin.

And thank you for posting your comments, re-telling your stories, and sharing your own photos and quotes about coffee, boots, life, love, adventure . . .

And how do coffee and boots relate to one another?  I’m not exactly sure how to explain it but, like peanut butter and jelly, the combination has proven itself to be a good match in my life.  Maybe the world being a large and varied arena, it asks that we be ready to rock and roll — properly caffeinated and wearing the right boots.

one good cup deserves anotherAnd like coffee, one good adventure deserves another.  Some adventures are as homely and primitive as a cup of chewy cowboy coffee while others are as refined as the foam art on an award-winning latte.  No matter the presentation, caffeine is the workhorse that gets the job done.  Window dressing, or its lack therein, be damned.  Just give me my cup of Joe.  And let the adventure begin.

Coffee imitates life.  Or does life imitate coffee? Drink it one sip at a time.  Savor it.  Add some honey when it tastes a little bitter.  Zap it when it gets a little cold.  Share it with others.  Avoid the grounds that are certain to be lurking at the bottom of certain cups.  Stir it up if it is too hot to drink.  If its not robust, simply start over.  Don’t chase bad coffee with good coffee.  Offer it as a gesture of hospitality.  Sit down to drink it – who drinks coffee standing up?  Make time for that second cup.  Life is short, so drink it up.

Coffee is a little shot of love in a cup.  It is a social link that brings us together.  It is the Third Place in our social, professional, and academic worlds.  Its ritual defines the way we start our day.   The easiest way to say it?  Coffee just feels so darn good.  Stop and smell and savor the coffee.  One good cup deserves another.


Coffee: Happiness Tasted

quote coffee first blog

Welcome to Cabin Door Coffee!

. . . a place where Coffee is not only enjoyed but is experienced . . . a meeting place where stories are voiced, new brewing methods are tested, recipes are shared, food pairings are explored, beverages are sipped, and brewing paraphernalia is coveted . . . in short, the tradition of coffee and its magical, social, happifying properties are celebrated here at Cabin Door Coffee.

So pull up a chair, join in the dialogue, and have a cuppa.  Please, share your comments, experiences, and stories with the rest of us.

And yes . . . a cup of coffee shared with a friend is indeed happiness tasted.

Take a moment and enjoy a cup of happy.